Therapy Services for Individuals, Couples &                                          Families

Welcome! Are you longing to feel a sense of contentment in your life?  Do you find it difficult to talk about feelings?  Do you feel unsatisfied in your daily life?  Change is possible and there is hope.  I specialize in adult struggles resulting from anxiety and phase of life transitions.  Other focus areas include struggles resulting from depression, relationships and parenting concerns.  


The ability to create and maintain healthy relationships that provide a place of security and predictability is key in dealing with daily problems and stressors of modern life.  In the frantic pace of modern life, we find ourselves dealing with situations and issues that can lead us to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, with little time to step off of life's treadmill and make thoughtful choices.  We become reactive instead of proactive.


As a practical, interactive therapist, my treatment approach is to provide sensitive and understanding support and feedback to you to help resolve current problems and change long-standing behavioral patterns.  Together we will address these common life challenges, identify patterns and work towards empowerment, balance and self-directed growth.